PNA Village – Something for Everyone

As a member of the PNA, you are probably aware of the PNA Village -the PNA’s newest program, which is designed to help aging neighbors stay in their homes and community.

But did you know that the Village offers benefits to neighbors of all ages?

Whether you’re a baby boomer looking for reliable referrals for yourself or maybe even your parents; a single parent looking for volunteer help to maintain your home; or a senior hoping to connect with other seniors, the Village offers benefits to neighbors of all ages.

Village membership benefits include: 

  • Access to a Network of Helpers
    Tasks as simple as turning a mattress, changing a light bulb, or weeding a garden are often too much for some. Help with these and other household chores can make the difference between remaining in one’s home or moving to a senior retirement community. Single parent households might also benefit from some neighborly assistance.

Our network of helpers is a specially trained group of volunteers who provide a variety of services, including free transportation in their own cars for people who need rides for grocery shopping, doctor appointments or attending PNA Village social events.

  • Information and referrals
    Have you ever needed a plumber, checked the Yellow Pages and been in a quandary as to which one to call? PNA Village members can simply call 206.789.1217 and get the names of one or more plumbers that have been verified for good service and fair pricing. They’ll be reasonably close and safe to bring into your home. The PNA Village Preferred Vendor List is one you can trust and promotes shopping locally.
  • Connecting with neighbors
    The PNA Village provides an opportunity to meet and connect through its members-only Community Building Activities. Groups for discussion, walking, education and others are already forming. They are facilitated by Village members with the assistance of PNA Village staff and volunteers.

To help make the program accessible to all, we’ve created two levels of membership – Associate and Full. Both levels of membership are open to anyone, regardless of age and income.

Full membership is limited to neighbors living in the area bounded by 50th & 105th and Aurora & 15th but offers all benefits. Full membership is $300/year for individuals or $500/year for households.

Associate membership is not limited by location and includes all benefits except access to the network of volunteer helpers. Associate membership fees are only $150/year for individuals or $250/year for households.

Reduced fee memberships are available at all levels.

Not ready yet? Consider joining today to help build the program for tomorrow!

Not sure if you’re ready to join the Village? Think of the Village as a form of insurance. Your membership fee will ensure that the Village will still be here for you when you need it due to your age or unforeseen emergencies. By joining in the early stages of this program, you can influence its direction and make sure that it will be responsive to your anticipated needs.

And whether you are ready to join or not, you probably have a neighbor, friend or family member in the neighborhood who could benefit from a PNA Village membership. Do them a favor and pass this information on to them.

Visit our website for more details about the PNA Village benefits and membership fees or simply call 206.789.1217.

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