A “Village” Makes Sense

S.V. Good Life | 2012©Houseofhank.meMy name is Mary, I’m 61, single, and I’ve lived in Ballard now for over 20 years. I helped a couple of my elderly neighbors stay in their homes until dementia and frailty finally claimed them to the health care system (a nursing home and a group home). I’ve been interested in the “village” type system since I began reading about it some years ago. I thought it made a lot of sense. As an ex-health care professional, I knew the cost to care for older people “in the system” was expensive and often unnecessary if they had a little more support and modification of their homes. And, most of them wanted to stay in their homes “til the end!” So, when I saw that PNA was starting a Village, I signed up right away! (I figured if anyone was going to start one in Seattle, PNA was a likely organizer). I’m in great health now and hope to make my contribution to keeping people at home as long as they want so that this service will be available for me someday. Thanks to PNA for getting the concept going in our neighborhood (South East Ballard).

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