Interfaith Gathering & “Blue Zones”

This coming Wednesday evening, November 21, 2012 beginning at 6:15 pm there will be an Interfaith Gathering which begins at the Sakya Monastery of Tibetan Buddhism (108 NW 83rd St) with a welcome reception, and will then proceed via candlelight to a 7:00 pm pre-Thanksgiving service at the Phinney Ridge Lutheran Church (7500 Greenwood Ave N). Participants will be able to get to know one another over shared treats following the interfaith service, and further deepening ties as people of faith committed to justice and peace.

“Your friends are the most significant thing you can do to add more years to your life, and life to your years.”
—Dan Buettner”

Please remember to dress for the weather, and feel free to bring pie or other food to share!

For more information, see the PRLC website:


Village members and volunteers may find the following TED Talk by Dan Buettner—“How to live to be 100+”—both fascinating and inspiring:


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