Let’s Be Friends!

PNA snippet

Every village needs friendly neighbors and PNA Village is no exception. That’s why a small group of volunteers has been working for the last year to develop a new volunteer position – the Friendly Visitor. Friendly Visitors will provide another way for PNA Village to stay in touch with members and to share news and information about events and activities. Each Friendly Visitor will develop a supportive, social relationship with a particular Village member, providing companionship on a regular, mutually agreed-upon, schedule. Friendly Visitors will also keep Village members up-to-date on Village activities and services.

If you are interested in becoming a Friendly Visitor, PNA Village will provide training and support. The first training will happen during January, so give the office a call to get on the list. If you are a Village member and want to have a cheerful companion come by to visit, give the office a call at 206.789.1217. We’ll find out what you are looking for in a Friendly Visitor and pair you up with one of our wonderful volunteers.

…There’s no time like the beginning of a new year to make new friends!

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