“Day of Learning” at S.U.


Day of Learning at Seattle University
An on-campus experience for older adults

Wednesday morning, June 19, 2013
All classes held in the Pigott Building


  • 8:45 am — check-in/registration
  • 9:15 to 10:15 am hour one of class
  • 10:15 to 10:30  break
  • 10:30 to 11:30  hour two of class
  • 12:00 to 1:00 pm  lunch with professor

Select one class from the following choices:

* Social Media: What It’s All About  Chris Paul, Ph.D.
* From Page to Stage  Rosa Joshi, M.F.A. & Kai Gottberg, M.F.A.
* Health Care Ethics  Paulette Kidder, Ph.D.
* Imagining the Livable City  Paul Kidder, Ph.D.

Participants join professors for lunch and conversation in the Cafeteria.

Cost for class and lunch: $35 by check or credit card

Register with Northwest Center for Creative Aging
at info@nwcca.org or call (206) 382–3789


Day of Learning at Seattle University
Classes and Bios

Social Media: What it’s All About

Are you curious about how social media are changing how we communicate, share ideas, and report the news? Attend this course and you’ll know the difference between Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You might be able to tell the grandkids something they don’t know.

Chris Paul, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor in the Communication Department, Chris Paul teaches classes in rhetoric and digital media. His current research is about video games, proving that all those days playing Nintendo did matter.


From the Page to the Stage

What really happens behind the scenes of a theater production? Enter the world of story-telling, script writing, stage management, lighting, set design, costumes and props and with talented faculty from the Seattle University Fine Arts Department.

Rosa Joshi, M.F.A. — Associate Professor of Theatre, Fine Arts. As a director, Joshi’s work focuses on both classical and contemporary texts by playwrights ranging from Shakespeare to Caryl Churchill. She is a co-founder of upstart crow, a Seattle-based theatre company producing classical plays with all-female casts.

Kai Gottberg, M.F.A. — Professor of Theatre, Fine Arts. Professor Gottberg worked as an actress on Seattle and Portland stages and voiced numerous radio commercials, including an 8-year stint as the voice of a major department store. She now teaches acting and playwriting with a special interest in new and experimental theater.


Health Care Ethics

For each step forward in the past 100 years, patients and medical teams have faced unprecedented ethical challenges. Learn about and discuss some of the famous (and infamous) cases in biomedical ethics, and take a look at what is next on the horizon for both biomedicine and ethics.

Paulette Kidder. Ph.D— Associate Professor of Philosophy, her work concentrates on hermeneutics, gender studies, and healthcare ethics. She is a member of the American Catholic Philosophical Association and the National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education.


Imagining the Livable City

Neighborhoods in inner-city Seattle are experiencing a renaissance of the city design model where urban activities are densely mixed together. What qualities make such neighborhoods vibrant, safe, and appealing? The qualities of street planning, preservation, development, community life, and architecture all play a role.

Paul Kidder, Ph.D. — Associate Professor of Philosophy, whose scholarship and teaching concentrates on the areas of metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. Dr. Kidder has a special interdisciplinary interest in urban studies and international development.

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One thought on ““Day of Learning” at S.U.

  1. My university! I never took a class with Dr. Kidder but my friends did and had wonderful things to say. I highly recommend attending this.

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