Book Review: “Women to Women”

Book Review by Marguerite Langlois

Women to Women Cover

Women to Women: A Handbook for Active Aging, by Catharine Stewart-Roache and Barbara Yarnell
(Hermosa Publishers, 2009)

Although this book is written by and about women, men will find it useful too! This is a practical and encouraging book about real people finding ways to add movement and stay active in their lives on a day by day basis. You’ll meet and hear from both authors, Catharine Stewart-Roache and Barbara Yarnell, who share their own stories along with their ideas, information, and suggestions for staying healthy in simple, practical ways. The book includes basic health information related to aging, practical ideas for paying attention to your own health, food suggestions, and different ways to keep moving and exercising.

To help you with building your own personal program, the authors offer suggestions for creating a plan and charting what you want to do. I like the way they encourage you to really make this your own plan, doing whatever works best for you. At this point in my life, I know that I often ignore or get discouraged by all the stuff written about exercise for seniors, giving us unrealistic examples and ignoring personal differences, so I truly appreciated these authors’ emphasis on doing what works for me. Yes, there are some women doing things I will never do…but I can find my way and I appreciated the photos of these women. They will never appear in most fitness magazines! Instead, we meet and see them as they really are, with all their differences. They clearly feel at home in their own bodies, which is something we all need to be encouraged to do.

If you’re looking for ways to move in your own way and want to meet others who are doing so too, this book will provide you with some realistic tools and motivation.


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One thought on “Book Review: “Women to Women”

  1. Great review Marguerite. I’d like to recommend you review The Wonder of Aging by Michael Gurian. It provides a wonderfully holistic and spiritual approach to development and growth in later life. Rather than taking a physical-centered view of aging (which I think fosters a pessimistic, declinist point of view on aging), Gurian explores the broader physical, mental, relational and spiritual potential that unfolds as we grow older. I recently posted a brief review here:

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