This is a Bark Alert!

Cap & Hank's Autumn | ©2013

By Donna Yancey

Would your dog enjoy an extra walk or a romp at a dog park when you cannot provide this for your pet? Did you know that PNA Village provides these services through our volunteers?

I am a PNA Village volunteer, and I have met a couple of great dogs through my volunteering. One of those dogs was Daisy. She and I, along with other volunteers, strolled very slowly around the block because she was deaf and blind and very old, yet she enjoyed a walk and an opportunity to sniff the air and ground. Bradley, a delightful service dog, and I love to romp at a dog park. His person can take him for walks, but maneuvering the dog parks is a challenge. This has been a joy for me to help out in this way.

The Haggi | ©2013

We volunteers can also do pet food shopping, vet visits, and simple grooming.
This service applies to cats, too. Well, perhaps not walking and romping at parks, but maybe some play time and help with cat boxes.

PNA Village has recently partnered with Mud Bay pet store, which means there will be more opportunities for pet care.

When you call for pet services, we will ask you a few pet/person questions about your pet’s personality and preferences to help us assess how best to be with your pet. Let us know your pet needs and we can try to find a way to help! There are many volunteer pet lovers who are eager to help.

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