Volunteer Feature: Alison Van Dusen

By Carol Crickman

AlisonVanDusen in Carol Crickman's yard

Alison Van Dusen was a PNA volunteer while she was here for the summer between jobs. She most recently was a park ranger in Alaska.

The first time Alison came over to help me with yard work was on her 52nd birthday which I thought showed what a thoughtful caring person she is. She also came on her collapsible bike, her only means of transportation while she was in Seattle. I feel like I’ve made a new friend. Although I didn’t have any cupcakes or candles, I took a muffin out to her and sang “Happy Birthday” to her. We had lunch later.

When she came a second and last time, I learned that she had plans to hike in Montana, go river rafting on the Colorado River for 18 days, and then, in November go to Haiti until March to help some children in an orphanage there.

Recently, I was delighted to receive a postcard from her saying the rafting trip was going great. I only hope she was not there during the terrible floods.

PNA Swoosh


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