My Fun in the Village

Ann Rodgers, Kathy Pruzan, Pam CahnFrom the left: Ann Rodgers, Kathy Pruzan, Pam Cahn.

By Ann Rodgers

I am writing this story around Janice Dilworth’s frequent question to me, “Why does it take you so long to walk around Green Lake?” So I will attempt to describe some fun with Village friends and how the Green Lake walks figure in this.

I suggested to Kathy and Duncan on one of our Sunday morning walks that we invite Pam Cahn who is a Village volunteer and bird expert.

We need Pam because we have great curiosity about the ducks on the lake, and we are attempting to identify all the species. Pam joined us one Sunday morning, and I think it was a time we all treasure. It was a hilarious gathering. Pam knows much. We three do not. That morning led to Kathy’s meeting Pam (both Village volunteers) and another adventure.

Kathy and I went to shop at the Audubon store on a Thursday when we knew Pam would be there. Pam helped us find some birding books to feed our quickly growing duck and bird watching addiction. I might add that Kathy and Duncan also check out the mushrooms growing around the Lake. I stay with the ducks.

Are you getting the idea of why it takes so long to walk the lake?

Green Lake Mallard via Wikipedia

The Audubon store adventure led to Kathy, Pam, and me discovering we were all going to the same Village meeting the following week and to the same event elsewhere that evening. We decided to meet, do both events, and have dinner together in between.

The weekly Green Lake walk, a Village event from the beginning, has started a chain of exciting, new friendships, shared nature experiences, and a promise of good times ahead.

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