Happy New Year: Instant Book Delivery Available!

By Marguerite Langlois

Keep Calm and Browse Inside

You’ve probably seen the news about Amazon wanting to use drones to deliver books (or other orders) to customers’ homes within a half-hour. And you heard what the weather did to some holiday gift deliveries. Well, we had to share this with you: we know how you can get instant book delivery! That’s right…the minute you request the book. It’s a strange but amazing institution called…your local bookstore!

Of course, you do have to go there. But that just means that you get added physical and mental health benefits free with your visit! (Can’t drive? Remember, we have Village volunteer drivers who will happily get you there…they like doing this kind of thing too!)

So, with this in mind, we bring you again our “directions for shopping for a book.” Our cold, grey winter days are prime “reading season,” time to curl up with a good book.  Enjoy!

1.  Pick your local favorite bookstore. Right here in our Village neighborhood, we are fortunate to have two delightful ones: Santoro’s and Couth Buzzard Books. We’re also near Secret Garden Books just down the hill in Ballard, and not too far from Third Place Books in Ravenna, on the other side of Green Lake.

2.  Dress comfy. This may take a while. And there is no dress code for bookstores.

3.  Coffee or tea or goodies for fuel? Couth Buzzard has them in-house; Santoro’s is right across the street from Caffe Vita, Herkimer’s Coffee, Bluebird Microcreamery & Brewery…

4.  When you enter the bookstore – this is important – do not, repeat, do not head immediately to the shelves that hold a specific book you might be looking for. Pause to take in the atmosphere, the special smell of books, the sense of all those ideas and stories waiting for you. Meander. You never know what you’ll find. My library holds many wonderful books I’ve found on the way to something else.

5.  Most bookstores are somewhat quiet places, but if you are near another shopper who is looking at a book you’ve enjoyed, nothing wrong with smiling and saying “Oh, I loved that one, especially….” Bookstores are one of those places where we can still make those mini-connections with people who like the same things we do, and for a moment or two share things we like or laugh about or enjoy learning.

6.  Do use the comfy chairs you see. They are not just for resting. They are for “trying on” books. Go ahead, take one or two or three books to a chair, sit, and see what you’ve got. It’s one of the best ways to choose a book. For myself, I know that if I find I’ve read most of a chapter, well, obviously I need that book!

7.  Pay and take home your books right away…instant delivery…as you leave!

8.  Share! Brag! Tell all your friends and relations what a great time you had, and how easy it is to get books without waiting!

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