Mobility Assessments Available

photo of terracotta arched entry

The Village now has a volunteer who will come to your home to provide a mobility assessment!

Andy Goulding, a retired architect dedicated to improving access to homes in Seattle, meets with homeowners to help address access problems in their homes and provide potential solutions. For instance, did you know that houses in Seattle often have stairs leading to the front door, making access challenging? The good news is that many of our houses can be retrofitted with graceful entries, which can add value and complement the appearance of our homes as well as solve access issues.

The following conditions can also make a big difference to those of us wanting to stay in our homes as we age:

•  an entrance that will accommodate a ramp meeting ADA code
•  no steps or level changes on main floor
•  a bathroom on the main floor
•  a kitchen & washer/dryer on the main floor

Andy is backed up by trusted professional consultants and contractors who will develop your program and fulfill your project requirements. Please contact the Village office, 206-789-1217 or, if you would like Andy to complete a mobility assessment for your home.

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