On Life With a Dog

Life With a Dog image (Yvetta Fedorova via NYT)

By Jane E. Brody

As I approached four years as a widow, the loneliness of a one-person household began to drag me down. Acquiring a four-legged companion, rather than a two-legged one, appealed to me.

And so, in February, I adopted a 5-month-old puppy, a hypoallergenic Havanese small enough for me to pick up and carry, even into my ninth decade, when I travel to visit family and friends.

While most dog owners I know encouraged my decision, several dogless friends thought I had lost my mind. How, with all my work, travels and cultural events, was I going to manage the care of a dog?”

To read more of this thoughtful essay on the many health and social benefits of later-in-life dog companionship please visit:  http://nyti.ms/1khA93r

(Article originally published April 7, 2014 as “Life With a Dog: You Meet People” in The New York Times “Well” blog.)

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2 thoughts on “On Life With a Dog

  1. Thanks for the link! This is a dandy article — Jane Brody has long been one of my very favorite health and science writers. If I didn’t already have a herd of cats, I would definitely have a dog.

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