Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

Great Food| ©2014

…Our summer BBQ was just right!

After weeks of unusually warm weather in Seattle, PNA Village members and volunteers enjoyed a lovely Sunday afternoon BBQ in the gardens of Ida Culver House Ravenna.

Thanks to everyone who made our summer social event memorable and shared good food and good company! Special thanks to our hosts Era Living for providing a beautiful setting and gracious staff.

Here are some highlights from the afternoon:

Maria at PNA Village Summer BBQ | ©2014

Maria’s chocolate caramel brownies were a hit

Finishing touches  | ©2014

Expert grilling courtesy Ida Culver House staff

Under the Pergola| ©2014

Good company

Friends | ©2014

Lively conversation

Jean-Loup gives Janice & Ravenna pointers on pétanque| ©2014

And games! Jean-Loup gives pétanque-style pointers to Janice & Ravenna

Friends II | ©2014

What a fun day!


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3 thoughts on “Not Too Hot, Not Too Cold

    • Thanks for helping make this event happen, Alyssa! It was lovely to see everyone on Sunday. I especially enjoyed watching Jean-Loup give pétanque pointers and note that (in pétanque, anyhow) it was de rigeur to argue a little whilst playing “…with a Southern [French] accent, of course!”

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