Running the Village

PNA Village Summer BBQ 2014 | ©2014 HouseofHank.meBy Kelly Maddox

It takes…well, a village. As many PNA Village members know, we have a fantastic resource in our volunteers who help members go to doctors’ appointments, events, or shopping. They also fix computers, make small home repairs, and provide garden help.

But who runs the Village operations? Who thinks about how the Village can work, and who makes decisions to make it successful? Who creates brochures? Who organizes events and socials? Who helps find volunteers to meet members’ requests? Who finds all the vetted vendors? Who manages our finances and fundraising? The answer to all these questions is volunteers! While we are fortunate to have a tremendous staff, Janice Dilworth, our Director, and Amanda Walker, our AmeriCorps Volunteer, they are only human and they must sleep at some point.

PNA Village members donate their time and expertise on committees to make sure our Village is successful. The committees meet regularly to discuss their specific focus areas and to plan for upcoming work.

The PNA Village Advisory Board members are part of the committees listed below. This board ensures all our organizational areas are successful now and in the future. The Board currently has a sub-committee that is creating a plan for the next three years.

The Membership & Marketing Committee shares our story with the community to attract new members and community partners by creating brochures, posters, events, and social media stories (Be sure to “like” the PNA Village on Facebook at

PNA Village on Facebook screenshot

The Social Committee creates events such as game night, quarterly potlucks, and the book group at Couth Buzzard to keep our members connected.

The MSST volunteers are the office people you speak to when you call to request a volunteer. They also reach out to makes sure our members’ needs are being met.

The Business Referral Committee finds vendors who are a good fit for work that volunteers cannot do (say, rewiring a house or taking down a tree). They have created a process to find the types of services most requested, and they work with businesses to make sure they can safely and securely meet our members’ needs.

The Finance Committee manages our budget, works with partners and sponsors to support our community, and spearheads fundraising efforts that keep our Village financially viable.

The Volunteer Committee recruits and trains the volunteers that are the lifeblood of the member services the Village provides. They also organize volunteering events, like the spring and fall weeding, as well as deliver ongoing training to help our volunteers understand and meet our members’ needs.

facebookthumbThe Communications Committee shares articles written by and relevant to members through our blog, newsletter and Facebook (did I mention “liking” the Village on Facebook?!).

It really does take a village, and we are fortunate to have a vital community that shares their time, energy, and expertise. The committees always need help, so please call 206.789.1217 or email if you want to join a committee and get in on the fun!

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