The New House

In Progress | ©2014

By Marilyn Zuckerman


Everything I look at or touch
has been crafted by the Makers
skilled as Medieval artisans
—creators of a dwelling
that became a refuge
for someone like me—
longing for repose.

Though gone now
their spirits remain
within this well made home
I inhabit,
meant for sunsets and serenity.

·     ·     ·

Photo courtesy Louise S. Wright

(Photo courtesy Louise S. Wright)

Though I am in my 90th year, I bought a house overlooking Puget Sound and had it remodeled. Often I was told it was crazy at my age to do so. Nevertheless, the results are spectacular.

So this poem is dedicated to the Upright Construction crew who helped create this beautiful house, carefully made for someone in her advanced years who, like a “canary in the coal mine”, is sensitive to many toxic chemicals.

The products used—from grab bars in the shower, trip-proof strips on the stairs, double railings, and the team’s constant effort to use only harmless materials—beautifully made up the pure green whole.

(This poem is the first effort in an ongoing sequence about the house.)

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13 thoughts on “The New House

  1. This is a lovely, lovely poem, and it touches me deeply. I am very pleased that your new old house is worthy (and then some) of your beautiful poetry.

    • I agree, Liz! I love that Marilyn is sharing these poems with the Village and the world, and I’m looking forward to seeing the results of her lovely home project firsthand!

  2. I love this poem. It tells me that it is never too late in our lives to seek a place of repose and serenity! My husband and I are still seeking such a getaway place. This poem is an inspiration for us to continue our search. Thank you, Marilyn!

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