The Punch List

fern fronds in spring

By Marilyn Zuckerman

For Robert and Ron

When the shades don’t work
and the security doors are late
They come back.
When the kitchen needs a new register
and a cabinet needs fixing
They come back.
When the sliding doors don’t meet
and the closet light doesn’t light
They come back.
When the bathroom cabinet
bangs against the mirror
They come back and fix it
while I follow them around
like a kid filled with awe and admiration
and will miss them when they’re gone.


The Punch List is the final push the crew makes to complete the remodel of the house, when they take care of every last-minute detail. It was fun to watch and I was sorry when they were finished and left.

“Now if you want us to come back, ” Robert said, ” you’ll have to break something.”

·    ·    ·

This poem forms the fourth installment in a sequence about the construction of my home—read the first hereRead the second here, and the third here.

PNA Swoosh


4 thoughts on “The Punch List

  1. What a lovely tribute Marilyn’s series of poems have made to those who help us to create beautiful spaces around us. Thank you, Marilyn!

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