Book Review: “Share the Care”

SHARE THE CARE: How to Organize a Group to Care for Someone Who Is Seriously Ill (Revised and Updated), by Cappy Capossela & Sheila Warnock
(Touchstone, 2004)
Share the Care

By Alyssa McFarland

Have you ever needed to provide help to a friend or family member with a serious illness or injury? Did you feel overwhelmed and resentful, and then felt guilty about those feelings, but felt if you didn’t help, no one else would? Have you ever been unable to do things for yourself because of serious illness or injury, and felt worried because relying on random people, busy friends and family was kind of like having holes in your security blanket?

Caregiving groups to the rescue!

The book, Share the Care, is a remarkable achievement. It was written by two women who were part of a caregiving team for a mutual friend who had cancer. They have group caregiving down to a system, and share their system with readers in this book and on their website,

Through the power of using the group so that no one burns out, the Share the Care system helps you do everything from navigate the medical maze to fixing up your sick friend’s room. Whether you or your friend has a terminal illness or just need help for a couple of months after hip surgery, the authors have thought through virtually all the various tasks that might need done for an ill person. They provide forms that members can fill out detailing their skills and availability, and explain how to run the initial meeting that gets everyone on board with the concept of sharing the care, and much more.

I’d recommend it to anyone, even if aren’t convinced you’ll ever need it, because it is thought provoking and full of good ideas.


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