Seizing An Alternative

By Dick Gillett

Towards an Ecological Civilization

Is Global Warming truly upon us?

Mind-boggling floods in Dallas, killing heat in India, staggering and ongoing drought in California, melting of the polar ice caps, an unusually dry spring here in Washington…Meanwhile, drilling for vast new oil reserves in the stormy waters off the North coast of Alaska just got a green light, even though it’s acknowledged that the burning of fossil fuel contributes enormously to carbon dioxide emissions into the atmosphere.

AlternativeStarting today, June 4, a four-day conference titled “Seizing an Alternative: Toward an Ecological Civilization” convenes at Pomona College in Southern California. It brings together several organizations including religious ones, and is expected to draw 1500 people, including over one hundred delegates from The People’s Republic of China.

Keynoters at the conference are widely recognized experts and advocates, but the conference is chiefly intended to engage attendees to grapple with how “we the people” (and our organizations and governments) are going to make the transition from a “growth-and-pollution” economy to an ecologically sustainable one.

I am privileged to have a very small role as a presenter in two of several dozen workshops offered, on the future of Work in such a transition. As time permits, I will attempt to send short email summaries of the day’s events as I see them.

The conference web site is, and conference plenaries (including keynote by Bill McKibben, addresses by Vandana Shiva, Sheri Liao and many others) will be live-streamed.

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