Conference update


By Dick Gillett

Opening the Pomona conference on Thursday evening, before a charged-up audience of well over 2000 environmentalists, activists and faith leaders, keynoter Bill McKibben called for a global grass roots movement to end fossil fuel use by 2025. “How about undertaking an effort comparable to the moon shot of 1962?”, he challenged us. McKibben noted that by the evening of the massive 400,000 climate change march in New York City last year, the Rockefeller Fund divested itself of all fossil fuel investments—and this trend is increasing.

Tomorrow I’ll report on what a panel of six low wage workers in my track on “Good Work” had to say about their work, and what it means for present and future global trends.


Plenary sessions will be streamed live online here: (

Videos of yesterday’s plenary speakers are also now available:

Friday’s plenary
(Speakers begin at 26:00)

Saturday’s plenary
(Speakers begin at 21:49)

PDF version of the conference program is available here:


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