Interview with New President of the Board, Terry Cook

By Liz Bjorkman


Our current President of the PNA Village Board is Terry Cook; following is an interview with her.

How did you become interested in PNA Village?

I read several articles about Villages and thought Villages were a great alternative to a formal retirement home. It appeals to me because it allows me to live in my own home and community very much like my grandmothers and father did. I like the idea of expanding my relationships beyond the people on my block. I called Lee Harper and asked if the PNA had considered doing something like this, and she said “funny you should ask” and gave me Ed Medeiros’s number. I went to the next meeting and signed on to help create the PNA Village.

How did you become President of the Board?

The truth? I missed the meeting where they nominated people so I was it. I am more comfortable working behind the scenes so this was a big challenge for me. However, I am enjoying being president as this is an exciting time as the Village looks to expand membership and move into new services. We have great members and volunteers that make this a wonderful organization to belong to and work with as we move forward. The Village is their creation.

Have you served PNA Village in other capacities?

I started with the steering committee early on as well as working with the Business Vendor committee until I became president. Currently I am a volunteer and volunteer driver, and I sit on the finance committee.  

What is the future for the PNA Village Board?

We are looking to expand our board membership to include people in the Seattle area who work in areas related to seniors. The next three years will be challenging and exciting, and we need people who share our commitment to aging in the community. We have been very fortunate in our board members to date, and I am grateful for their enthusiasm and energy.

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