Spread the Word!


By Alex Gramps

Do you have time in the next few days to help spread the word about the Village’s upcoming Info Session & Volunteer Training on March 5th?

How you can help:

1) Put up posters! Let me know when you can put posters up and I’ll arrange for them to be ready for you at the Greenwood Senior Center or at the Phinney Center.

2) Tell your friends who might be interested in volunteering at the Village!

3) Share the event on Facebook or other social media.

Event details are below:

Volunteering for the PNA Village:
General 1-hr. Info Session about the Village followed by optional Volunteer Training
March 5th, 2pm-5pm
Ballard Senior Center, 5429 32nd Ave NW

• Want to stay in your community as you age?
• Interested in helping seniors in your community age their way?
• Looking for a volunteer opportunity that can flex to fit your schedule?

Join the fast-growing national movement of neighbors helping neighbors! The Phinney Neighborhood Association’s PNA Village is expanding into the portion of Ballard west of 15th Ave NW and the team is seeking volunteers. Join us to learn more about what the Village is, how it works, and how you can be a part of it! We will start with a general information session and Q&A for anyone interested in joining as a member or volunteer, and end with a full Volunteer training so volunteers can get started right away! Please RSVP by calling (206) 789-1217 or emailing village@phinneycenter.org

Please let me know if you have any questions or if you’d like some posters to put up!

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