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By Donna Yancey

Would your dog enjoy an extra walk or a romp at a dog park when you cannot provide this for your pet? Did you know that PNA Village provides these services through our volunteers?

I am a PNA Village volunteer, and I have met a couple of great dogs through my volunteering. One of those dogs was Daisy. She and I, along with other volunteers, strolled very slowly around the block because she was deaf and blind and very old, yet she enjoyed a walk and an opportunity to sniff the air and ground. Bradley, a delightful service dog, and I love to romp at a dog park. His person can take him for walks, but maneuvering the dog parks is a challenge. This has been a joy for me to help out in this way.

The Haggi | ©2013 HouseofHank.me

We volunteers can also do pet food shopping, vet visits, and simple grooming.
This service applies to cats, too. Well, perhaps not walking and romping at parks, but maybe some play time and help with cat boxes.

PNA Village has recently partnered with Mud Bay pet store, which means there will be more opportunities for pet care.

When you call for pet services, we will ask you a few pet/person questions about your pet’s personality and preferences to help us assess how best to be with your pet. Let us know your pet needs and we can try to find a way to help! There are many volunteer pet lovers who are eager to help.

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Positive Images of Aging: “A Man Named Pearl”

A Man Named Pearl poster

Watch and discuss this thought-provoking documentary about a factory worker and self-taught topiary artist in South Carolina who transformed his once-average yard into a wondrous garden that draws tourists from around the country.

Greenwood Senior Center
Friday, September 6 at 1 pm.

Watch the trailer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WfXWwgZCAiI

This film is part of the “Positive Images Of Aging” film series, held 1st Fridays at the Greenwood Senior Center at 1 pm. All are free.

September 6: A Man Named Pearl
October 4: My Sister’s Keeper
November 1: March of the Penguins
December 6: The Trip to Bountiful


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“Day of Learning” at S.U.


Day of Learning at Seattle University
An on-campus experience for older adults

Wednesday morning, June 19, 2013
All classes held in the Pigott Building


  • 8:45 am — check-in/registration
  • 9:15 to 10:15 am hour one of class
  • 10:15 to 10:30  break
  • 10:30 to 11:30  hour two of class
  • 12:00 to 1:00 pm  lunch with professor

Select one class from the following choices:

* Social Media: What It’s All About  Chris Paul, Ph.D.
* From Page to Stage  Rosa Joshi, M.F.A. & Kai Gottberg, M.F.A.
* Health Care Ethics  Paulette Kidder, Ph.D.
* Imagining the Livable City  Paul Kidder, Ph.D.

Participants join professors for lunch and conversation in the Cafeteria.

Cost for class and lunch: $35 by check or credit card

Register with Northwest Center for Creative Aging
at info@nwcca.org or call (206) 382–3789


Day of Learning at Seattle University
Classes and Bios

Social Media: What it’s All About

Are you curious about how social media are changing how we communicate, share ideas, and report the news? Attend this course and you’ll know the difference between Facebook and Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. You might be able to tell the grandkids something they don’t know.

Chris Paul, Ph.D. — Assistant Professor in the Communication Department, Chris Paul teaches classes in rhetoric and digital media. His current research is about video games, proving that all those days playing Nintendo did matter.


From the Page to the Stage

What really happens behind the scenes of a theater production? Enter the world of story-telling, script writing, stage management, lighting, set design, costumes and props and with talented faculty from the Seattle University Fine Arts Department.

Rosa Joshi, M.F.A. — Associate Professor of Theatre, Fine Arts. As a director, Joshi’s work focuses on both classical and contemporary texts by playwrights ranging from Shakespeare to Caryl Churchill. She is a co-founder of upstart crow, a Seattle-based theatre company producing classical plays with all-female casts.

Kai Gottberg, M.F.A. — Professor of Theatre, Fine Arts. Professor Gottberg worked as an actress on Seattle and Portland stages and voiced numerous radio commercials, including an 8-year stint as the voice of a major department store. She now teaches acting and playwriting with a special interest in new and experimental theater.


Health Care Ethics

For each step forward in the past 100 years, patients and medical teams have faced unprecedented ethical challenges. Learn about and discuss some of the famous (and infamous) cases in biomedical ethics, and take a look at what is next on the horizon for both biomedicine and ethics.

Paulette Kidder. Ph.D— Associate Professor of Philosophy, her work concentrates on hermeneutics, gender studies, and healthcare ethics. She is a member of the American Catholic Philosophical Association and the National Association of Women in Catholic Higher Education.


Imagining the Livable City

Neighborhoods in inner-city Seattle are experiencing a renaissance of the city design model where urban activities are densely mixed together. What qualities make such neighborhoods vibrant, safe, and appealing? The qualities of street planning, preservation, development, community life, and architecture all play a role.

Paul Kidder, Ph.D. — Associate Professor of Philosophy, whose scholarship and teaching concentrates on the areas of metaphysics, ethics, and aesthetics. Dr. Kidder has a special interdisciplinary interest in urban studies and international development.

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Walking the Talk

Duncan at Green LakeHello, my name is Duncan King. I’m an Eighth Grader at Bright Water School. In Eighth Grade each student does a community service project consisting of volunteering, multiple essays, and a speech. I’ve always had an affinity for the elderly, from my grandparents to family friends. Naturally, I decided to work with senior citizens for my community service project.

Now, I’m not particularly skilled at anything of great use, like carpentry or gardening. It seemed that the only things I could do well were talking and walking. And, as luck would have it, those two basic skills could be put to work.

As it turns out, loneliness is a serious problem for many seniors. However, there are many ways to prevent it. For example, I walk around Green Lake with a senior and another volunteer every Sunday. As we walk we discuss a broad range of topics, from politics to birding. Hearing opinions from three different generations is fascinating, and I truly enjoy the time I spend volunteering.

I know that it’s difficult for a lot of people my age to find something they feel passionate about, and even harder to find a place where they can volunteer. I’m happy to say I’ve found both, and I plan on continuing to volunteer with this program for a long time.

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PNA Village Summer BBQ

California Poppies | ©2013 HouseofHank.mePlease join your fellow Village members and volunteers on Sunday, June 9 from 1-3 PM for a summer BBQ in a lovely setting! University House, one of the beautiful ERA Living communities, will be opening up its garden space to the Village. We will enjoy mocktails (provided) and other drinks (provided), hot dogs and veggie dogs, and of course our fabulous potluck salad and side dishes. Summer games will also be part of this special day for Village members and volunteers.

PNA Village Summer BBQ
Sunday, June 9, 1 – 3 PM

University House Wallingford
4400 Stone Way N

Please RSVP by tomorrow (Wednesday), June 5, and sign up to bring hot dogs, buns, sides, or dessert on the Volunteer Portal.

University House Wallingford

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“Creating a Liveable Community”

MetLife’s Mature Market Institute has released a new publication on the topic, “Creating a Livable Community: Engaging All Generations and Improving Quality of Life”.

Liveable Community cover

For a link to the PDF document, click image above or use this link: https://www.metlife.com/assets/cao/mmi/publications/Tips/mmi-livable-communities-tips.pdf

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Taproot Theatre ticket available!


Village members and volunteers, please contact Shannon (206-321-7852) ASAP if you can use one ticket for the Saturday, May 18, 8 pm performance of “Bach at Leipzig” at Taproot.

You’ll need to pick the ticket up from her Friday evening (tonight). Thanks!


Bach at Leipzig
by Itamar Moses

May 17 – June 15
Previews May 15 & 16 

Leipzig, 1722. Germany’s most renowned music director is dead at the keyboard. As the country’s greatest organists descend to vie for the job, melodies of rivalry, trickery and blackmail compose a fugue of plots and counterplots. Rooted in history but reveling in flights of fiction, Bach at Leipzig is deliciously scored with wild and witty revelations.

“Imagine the Marx Brothers and Tom Stoppard collaborating on a play.” – Milwaukee Sentinel

Greenwood Garage Sale May 18

2013 Greenwood Garage Sale Flyer

The Greenwood Garage Sale Day, Flea Market and Tool Sale
 is arriving in our neighborhood May 18, 9 am-3 pm!

This annual event brings hundreds of people to Phinney Greenwood:

  • Over 100 garage sales throughout the area
  • Flea Market in the Phinney Center lower parking lot – 6532 Phinney Ave N
  • Tool Sales at the PNA Tool Library – 6615 Dayton Ave N

There is still time to be included! Garage Sale and Flea Market Registrations are due Saturday, May 11.

Click here to register online.

18th Annual ArtWalk

© crookedfeathergirlstudio.comOur Snowy Owls may be gone, but a new parade of spring creatures is here!

© crookedfeathergirlstudio.com

Please join author/photographer Judy Lane at  Metropolis on Phinney Ridge (7321 Greenwood Ave N) this Friday, May 10th from 6 to 9pm for the annual PhinneyWood ArtWalk.

ArtWalk is the centerpiece of the monthly Art Up Chow Down art walks, and this year will feature Judy’s images as well as work from over 150 area artists in 80 businesses in Phinney-Greenwood.

Earlier this winter, Judy shared her Ballard Snowy Owl images with us. She writes, “to have such beautiful animals like the Snowy Owls in our city for the winter was an amazing treat. Spring offers up its own annual version of beauty including irresistible baby birds and iridescent hummingbirds…”

© crookedfeathergirlstudio.com

© crookedfeathergirlstudio.com

Judy will be in store at Metropolis Friday evening 6 to 9pm selling her Snowy cards along with wonderful new spring photographs. So come by Metropolis while on the ArtWalk Friday evening and say hello! 

ArtWalk runs May 10th—11th and Judy’s work will be displayed throughout the weekend.

You may find more of Judy’s work here: http://www.crookedfeathergirlstudio.com/

For more on the ArtWalk click here:  http://www.phinneycenter.org/artwalk/


PNA Village First Anniversary!

PNA's First Year

A reminder to join us for our first birthday party today at the PNA from 3-5 PM.

Come celebrate our shared year of achievements along with your fellow Village members and volunteers…All are welcome!

Sunday, April 28th

3-5 PM

PNA Blue Building