About Those Ads

See an Ad you don't like? Find out what to do about it.

We apologize. At least one of our members got an unwanted political advertisement at the end of our Monday 9/12 blog post “A Chapter a Day.”

Ads sometimes appear at the bottom of our blog posts because of our free plan plan agreement with WordPress.com; in exchange for ads, we get the blog space free of charge. We did not expect that political ads would be used in this space, but we do not control the ads placed on WordPress.com. (To read more about WordPress.com’s ad policy, please see: https://wordpress.com/about-these-ads/).

Please email Rianan@phinneycenter.org if you have questions or concerns.

The good news is that the PNA Village Blog will soon move to a brand-new PNA Village website, which will be ad-free. Stay tuned for details!

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